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Benjamin Pick Photo  

Benjamin L. Pick has been involved in real estate, real estate development and property management since 1971. His holdings include properties in Beverly Hills, Westwood, Los Angeles, Studio City, Simi Valley, Albuquerque and New York City. Mr. Pick is President of North American Realty.

Denis DeFrange Photo  

Denis DeFrange has worked in real estate and property management for over 20 years. He began his career with Bayco Financial Corporation, taking care of 10 large office buildings, shopping centers and a luxury apartment building. Later, for Peter W. London Company, he managed a diverse portfolio of residential apartment buildings, large mobile home parks and medical office buildings. Mr. DeFrange has also worked for CB Richard Ellis, overseeing the management of 27 Bank of America Trust properties throughout California. Mr. DeFrange is Vice President and head of the Property Management Department of North American Realty.

Jessica Dabney Photo  

Jessica Dabney has been a practicing attorney for 13 years specializing in litigation, criminal law and real estate. Since 2002, Ms. Dabney has been the head of the Brokerage and Legal Departments at North American Realty.

Edmund Thornton Photo  

Mr. Thornton is a licensed real estate broker with over 10 years experience in commercial, industrial and residential property management, leasing and sales. He has worked for Insignia, PMI, and Westhill Management and is now Property Management Supervisor at North American Realty.

Susie Olivo Photo  

Ms. Olivo has many years of experience as a residential property manager and currently works with Mr. DeFrange on the management of the NAR portfolio. She is first contact for tenants and vendors, oversees accounts payable and receivable, and follows up on all building, tenant and vendor issues. Josie Susie Olivo has been Assistant Property Manager at North American Realty since 2006.

Simon Chen  

Simon Chen has over 17 years of real estate accounting experience. He has worked for Belmont Management and Westfield, holds an MBA in finance from the University of Phoenix and has headed the accountant department for North American Realty since 2002.

Claudette Nevins Photo  

Claudette Nevins serves our clients as Asset Improvement Consultant, advising on exterior and public area upgrades, landscaping and other ways of enhancing value through cost-effective methods. She conducts ongoing inspections and evaluations to insure all properties in the NAR portfolio are maintained in top condition.

Kay Mandelburg Photo  

Kay Mandelberg has been associated with North American Realty for ten years. Currently, as Lease Administrator, she tracks and analyzes data for the calculation of rental adjustments and shared common area (CAM) expenses. In addition, she provides a wide range of administrative support for property managers and company principals.

Edwin Colon Photo  

Edwin Colon is Facilities Manager for North American Realty. He is in the field everyday, resolving or overseeing the repair of emergency building problems and daily maintenance issues. He has been serving both tenants and managers at North American Realty for over 10 years.


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